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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How do you know if the Argan oil you have is real or a fake?

How do you know if the Argan oil you have is real or a fake?

A lot of people ask me; how do you know  if the Argan oil I see is real or fake, so let me share some pointers that will help you get the real Moroccan oil , and avoid the fake one and save your money and health in the process.
 It has been established that real Argan oil has numerous cosmetic and health benefits, among them, the removal of face wrinkles, heal the Acne and give the face its shine and smoothness. Don’t you get jealous when see some women with those radiant and smooth skin!! Ok, so the pure organic Argan oil is almost smell or odor free , and has a light color ( the cosmetic Moroccan oil is unroasted thus the color) and when you put the oil in the fridge , it will not change color. Emporio Armani ┼áperky
 The Argan oil used for food has an orange color and a strong smell and when put in the fridge will freeze.


Some cosmetic recipes of the Moroccan oil and its benefits for the hair:

The oil does help strengthen and nourish the hair and cuticles and also aids in giving it more length . It also protects from the sea water and tap water damage to the hair. It gives it shine to help it regain its natural smoothness .
 So, you start by putting the Argan oil on all your hair for a period of an hour and then rinse it to heal the colored hair. This recipe does help strengthen and minimize the bad effects of hair color on your hair.
Another favorite recipe of mine is the use two spoons of Shea butter and two spoons of Argan oil ; in a warm bath water ,we dissolve the Shea butter and add the Moroccan oil to it . You keep it on for a least an hour and then rinse.
 These simple yet powerful remedies to your hair will help frizzy hair and the scalp, especially those with dry skin and Dundruf .
 We suggest to also use it on your face daily. I know a lot of you might be scared to apply oil directly on your faces, but let me tell you, we have tried this for a while and  it does wonders to your skin; you will notice it getting smooth and pleasant to touch, and adds radiance and glow. Because this is pure , organic and natural it has been adapted by the Hollywood stars to heal their over exposed faces to chemicals in make up, and has been claimed to be a strong anti aging remedy thanks to components.

 So, get out there and find a seller that has the 100% organic pure Moroccan oil and enjoy its benefits, make sure the label says a product of Morocco and USDA certified, because this miracle oil only comes from the south of Morocco and almost entirely produced by Berber women cooperatives in traditional way, so no machines used in the products.
So enjoy it while knowing you are supporting women in Africa trying to make a living for their families.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil said...

I love this product, it has so many uses and works wonders.

Canaray.Ma said...

Argan oil is an excellent product.. For this, we find a very high price in the market. Argan oil health benefits

Anonymous said...

This article is very useful to check anything you have bought. My hair product smells of smoke so I think it is not the pure stuff.
It would be good to know of one supplier or brand that doesn't cheat. Anyone know any?

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