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Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy ways of obtaining Top Rated seller on Ebay and make money fast

 Easy ways of obtaining Top Rated seller on Ebay and make money fast

Most people will agree that Ebay has become the number one auction and direct selling ecommerce site at the current time. The site boats hundreds of million users and they are all there for one simple reason:find and buy products from the sellers on Ebay.
 So, how can you claim your piece of the Ebay pie? and is there a benefit from being registered from one country, let's say USA than say Iraq?
 How products sell best and where can you find them? how strong is the competition?
What about the Ebay fees and the horror stories we hear about how Ebay treats it sellers?
 The questions can be a miles long, but let's take one step at the time, and help you get on the selling train and make the income you want.
 Dámske hodinky Guess model G11040L
 Before, we get into that, let's 1st give you a short bio about myself, and why you should listen to what i have to say! I have been selling on Ebay for over 8 years and have taken more than 6 different account from the ground up, with 0 feedbeack 0 sells, and made them into top rated platinum power sellers. I have targeted niches in the market , that were under served and went all in. We raked 100s of 1000s in profits and lived the life i wanted. I come from humble beginnings, and when i started on Ebay , i did not know anything on selling on the site, except i saw an opportunity that i was determined to grab...and after all of misses and hits, i finally learned how to actually sell on it. From that day in 2003 i have looked back.
 Enough about me! let's get to how you can get started and get your financially independent, be the master of your self.
I will start this 1st part for those who live in USA , UK and Australia. After you have opened your account and got it verified, and set up the seller account , your Paypal and got it linked to your Ebay seller .You need to grab you some feedback, minimum is 10 but the more the better, for this purpose, i highly recommend to start selling cheap things to get feedback as a seller, one trick i used successfully, was selling digital images of a landmark in your town, your favorites restaurant pictures.... and start it at .01 cents with free shipping , list few different ones and let the bidders bid on it!! make sure you put in your description that you will leave positive feedback as soon as you receive one from the bidder...
 This method should get you tens of genuine feedbacks from buyers, and this way Ebay will allow to list buy it now auctions... one important point, take it slow when you 1st start. Ebay will always restrict your account if you start listing too fast and selling in a very short time.
 I know, this sounds silly from Ebay, but what can we say, there are some IQ challenged directors that set counter productive measures for the business. Ebay will claim, that it does that, to clamp down on fraudelant sellers, but any average Joe will tell you that there better ways to spot the crooks, beside harassing honest people.


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