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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Argan oil as anti aging serum and acne remedy

            Moroccanoil Argan oil  anti aging serum and acne remedy

Argan oil, extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, has been known for centuries by Imazighens (Berbers) of the atlas for its cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dietary and food.

Skin Care for Moroccanoil

 To hydrate the skin by restoring the skin barrier and neutralizing free radicals .To nourish dry skin by providing essential fatty acids .To regenerate the skin by restarting vital functions cells .To prevent premature skin aging due to external aggressions (sun, weather, stress, tobacco ...) Nail Care & Hair Argan oil is particularly recommended for the treatment of brittle nails that split and strengthen them. For dry, dull and brittle, it gives sparkle and shine. Massage body to soften and saturate the skin.


In addition to its cosmetic use, argan oil is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of chickenpox, acne vulgaris and rheumatism. It has cholesterol-lowering properties and is recommended in patients at risk of atherosclerosis. 

DIETARY VIRTUES of Moroccanoil :
From oleic-linoleic argan oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil. It does have a clear rule on it because of its richness in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid> 34%). These fatty acids give argan oil nutritional values ​​and some dietary and justify its use for cardiovascular diseases and physiological dryness and aging of the skin.

 Its fine texture and nutty flavor if refined oils are one of the most popular for flavoring salads, soups, tagines and couscous dishes or take eggs. The mixture of argan oil, almonds, honey, known for Amlou is delicious and healthier bread for breakfast. Argan oil can complement your kitchen in the preparation of many recipes.


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