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Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to spot a fake and authentic Armani watches online

How to spot a fake Armani from an authentic Armani watch

It is widely known that Armani makes one of the most appealing watch designs, that fits both the casual and upscale clientele. Because of its premium prices and high fashion appeal, it is also a widely counterfeited brand, especially from Asian sellers. A quick search in Ebay will give you a glimpse to how big and profitable the fake Armani watches generate in traffic and sales. Usually the Fake Armani watches from Chinese , Thai and some Australian sellers will be have a 2 after the Armani ; it goes like this Armani² . Although some genuine USA sellers will use Armani² in their genuine listings , because Ebay will usually put a cap on how many a new seller can put up in a 30 day period of high end brands, one way to see is to check the feedback and the pricing, if you an Armani chronograph watch that retails for $395.00 for a buy it now price of $69.00 then no need to explain, i guess if walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then a must a duck!!!!!

there are a lot of reputable online sellers of Armani watches and we will start a list of companies that we can test their products and get feedback from buyers to attest to their authenticity.
Some of the known genuine sellers of Armani watches:

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Unknown said...

well thank you for starting the blog on this very important subject, i would also like to add, that is also immoral and a crime to sell counterfeit products.
And we should also encourage the ethical sellers by making sure to spread the good word about them, and one of those outfits, although small , but it deserves our encouragement for the effort in finding great prices for a genuine watches , you can buy without the guilt.
my personal favorite in

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info , we appreciate the hard work you have done here.
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