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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What is Argan oil or Moroccan oil as it is widely known?

What is Argan oil or Moroccan oil as it is widely known?

 Lately, the talk about Argan oil is all over the place in the beauty circles, and like anything esle when it gets a lot of attention a lot of hype and misinformation follows that conversation. So, let’s 1st explain what is Argan oil and what is not?

This is miracle tree as some like to call it has been around for thousands of years. At one time you could find it over a large swaths of land in the northwestern Africa, mainly the land of the Amazigh people, the original inhabitants of North Africa. But with the desertification, it only grows at the present time in the southwestern part of Morocco, thanks to its deep roots that fetch water way deep in the arid environment of the Moroccan dry climate, the tree can live for hundreds of years, and regrows even after it has been cut.
The argan tree takes at least five years before it bears any fruits, and the process of producing this miracle oil as some call it , is quite a long journey: It 1st start by goats climing the trees and eating the berry like fruits and after digestion , the remains are collected by berber women and smashed with a rock . Then grinded by using a hand grinder to exact the oil. To make a 10 oz pure Organic Argan oil it take 19.8 lb of argan berries. This; in part explains the high cost of this rare Moroccan oil. The tree is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999. And you only will find the pure Argan oil in Morocco, anything else will be just an imitation mixed with a lot of chemicals to make look like the real thing. So make sure when you decide to
 use it, that the label says 100% organic Argan oil from Morocco. 

The color of the fruit when still on tree is light green , and the pits are amber color. The oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E . 80% of argan oil is made up of unsaturated fatty acids and is said to have both cholesterol lowering and rejuvenating properties.

The oil has the following benefits:

Moisturizes hair and skin
Reduces wrinkles
Reduces stretch marks
Soothes aching joints
Reduces scarring
Treats eczema
Treats psoriasis
Treats chicken pox
Treats acne
Treats all dry hair and skin types.
And the list goes on and check our other articles about these benefits of Argan oil to get more details, and also get the information you need to use it the right way, and get the most out using Moroccan oil.

What argan oil is not: Argan is not a cure all miracle, and different skin type respond differently to the treatment. Although , there is no side effects to using it. Some types have a better outcome due to its composition, so aim for the pure Argan oil, and avoid the one mostly made in Israel ,as most of those are mixed with other oil and packaged as Argan oil… remember only Moroccan Argan is the real thing. And anything else is just imitation .


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