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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The multiple benefits of argan oil: the skin and plate

The multiple benefits of Argan oil: the skin and plate

Argan oil, which comes from the fruit of a tree of Morocco, protects against the cancer and cardiovascular disease and hydrates skin. It  even calms the symptoms of menopause . But despite its growing popularity in the world, it is still too early to declare a miracle.Emporio Armani prstene

 The benefits of Argan oil:
Skin Care

Moroccans have known it for a millennia, the oil is used in cooking and as a cosmetic, in its unroasted state, it is used to moisturize skin and hair.
"In traditional medicine, explains Dr Charrouf, is used for the treatment of juvenile acne, chicken pox, rheumatism and for the prevention of atherosclerosis. It is also recommended for irritations, eczema, chapped skin and burns.

Its moisturizing effect can be explained by its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It contains 45% omega-9 (oleic acid) and 35% omega-6 (linoleic acid). Omega-9 is known for its beneficial effect on heart health. Omega-6s are also considered good fats, but in excess, they can interfere with the action of omega-3 in the body.
Argan oil also contains a lot of antioxidants known to have anticancer effects. "We know the biochemical compounds of Argan oil, but most of its benefits are assumptions based on composition rather than actual clinical trials," says Dr Dodin.

So far, few studies have shown interesting effects on cells tested in vitro and in mice. It also lends virtues to relieve the effects of menopause, but there was a study of 60 postmenopausal women "very limited in time," said Sylvie Dodin. To determine the possible adverse effects, studies of longer duration are needed.

Argan oil used for  dishes and salads

In the kitchen, its refined taste of hazelnut enhances dishes and salads and has been delighting chefs. Extracted from the kernel of the fruit of the Argan tree ( Argania spinosa ), Argan oil can produce allergic reactions, but few have been reported so far.

Given its price up to $ 50 for 100 ml - one liter of oil requires fruit trees seven to eight, and up to 20 hours. But thanks to its very special chemical composition, we can detect if it has been mixed with other oils by laboratory analysis.

Traditional and industrial production

Despite the industrialization of the extraction of Argan to meet the growing demand, the production cooperatives and craft of Moroccan women persists and grows stronger. There is also a vast movement of reforestation to increase production. According to the Ministry of Water and Forests of Morocco, Argan oil production can reach 4000 tons per year, but it is temperature dependent, as the area is semi desert and rely heavily on scare rain.

France, where it caused a sensation, has approved the sale of Argan oil consumption in 2002 and for its cosmetic use. In Canada, it is found primarily in delis.

The argan tree endangered

Argan is endangered due to desertification in Morocco. Its defenders describe it as "the last bastion of the region against the advancing desert." Dr Charrouf believes that the solution to the disappearance of the Argan tree through the development of its products. Better use of the tree for its participants the incentive to protect and replant it, she says.


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