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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is Argan oil a scam? here is 10 things to know about Argan oil

 Is Argan oil a scam? here is 10 things to know about Argan oil

Not only is Argan oil one of the most sought after ingredients and individual products in the beauty industry. But did you know that it can be used for more than just fighting wrinkles and heal scars?

So, here is 10 things to know about Argan oil or this Moroccan miracle oil, as it is often called, contains 80% essential fatty acids (to reduce inflammation), and Squalene (to keep our skin soft), phytosterols (to protect collagen) and phenolic compounds (which protects against free radicals). This makes it A very versatile beauty product for those who want to keep their beauty routines simple and achieve maximum results naturally.

Here are 10 reasons to use argan oil, other than to reduce lines and wrinkles.

First: Argan Oil Softens dry, cracked skin. It contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, even more so than Shea butter, making it perfect to use for face, hair and body.

2nd: Argan oil helps prevent stretch marks effectively. The oil is absorbed by the skin very quickly and leaves no greasy surface a shiny healthy more youthful skin.

3rd: For regular use of lighter scars, argan oil can help lighten acne marks and scars, and helps the skin heal without the use of harsh chemicals with side effects.

4th: Balances sebum production and does not clog pores.

5th: Perfect if you have eczema and psoriasis and is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin E, and is a super good treatment for various skin conditions.

6th: Softens cuticles. Massage a few drops of Argan Oil onto your cuticles to soften and condition them.  For best results leave on overnight .

7th: It provides great moisturizing abilities to the hair and is a great intense balancing which can also be used to help split ends , and manage dry hair.

8th :  Relieve dry, itchy scalp. Apply to scalp and wrap your head in a warm towel for 30 minutes or overnight to soothe irritation and heal it.

9th: Calms irritated baby skin. A great alternative to chemical-based baby oils, and odor free.
10th: it is 100% organic and USDA and Eco certified. Plus , but using the Moroccan oil, you can feel good not only for making you look and feel better, but also knowing you are helping single women cooperatives in Africa that make this wonderful product.

As you can see, argan oil serves a variety of purposes. Try raw, certified and organic argan oil by Moroccan women authentic cooperative under the label Atlas Argan oil.


Anonymous said...

10 reasons to use argan oil is a great article about Moroccan oil. I suggest you print it out and read it more often!

Anonymous said...

i have read on some other place that the Argan oil is also good for Acne , can you write something about this.

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